Convert Historical Data

Datum: 2020-12-03
Versie: 1.0


How do you migrate from another system to Ecmanage where your customer can be helped to convert historical data?

There are two areas we often see the request for conversion, the first is the balance of points for a wearer of clothing and the second is the number of items a wearer of clothing has in his or her possession.

Import balance of points per person

In order to import the balance of points please first setup the environment in Ecmanage and create all persons. Using the “Person budget” import facility you can ensure each person has the correct balance.

Please follow instructions 17. Person budget

Import items in possession

In Ecmanage we have the option to import historical orders. It is important to provide information about the person for who these items are and the date at which these items have been ordered. To make the order complete we need the identification of the items that have been ordered with their respective quantities.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
   <order consigneeid="johndoe" purchaserid="johndoe" historical="2020-11-16 15:00:00" outofbudget="Y">
      <address addresstypeid="4" />
         <orderdetail assortmentid_extern="SHIRT_XL" quantity="1" />
         <orderdetail assortmentid_extern="TROUSER_BROWN_54" quantity="1" />
         <orderdetail assortmentid_extern="SOCKS_BLACK" quantity="2" />

A description of all the fields can be found below:

Field name in XML: consigneeid
Type of field: Max 20 characters
Mandatory: Yes
Description: This is the personid_extern for the wearer.
Field name in XML: purchaserid
Type of field: Max 20 characters
Mandatory: Yes
Description: This is the personid_extern for the person that places the order. This can be identical to consigneeid.
Field name in XML: historical
Type of field: YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MM:SS
Mandatory: Yes
Description: This is the historical date for the order.
Field name in XML: outofbudget
Type of field: Y/N max. 1 character
Mandatory: Yes
Description: This ensures the order has no influence on the budget of the wearer.
Field name in XML: assortmentid_extern
Type of field: Max 50 characters
Mandatory: Yes
Description: This is the unique id of an article with a specific size.
Field name in XML: quantity
Type of field: numeric
Mandatory: Yes
Description: Amount of items.

Use the import data facility in ecmanage to process these historical orders in the respective environment.

We also have an Excel template to assist in the creation of this order xml file using Excel: orderimport_en.xlsm